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How Thorough Is Our Background Screening Program?

Proper screening costs very little but increases safety a great deal.
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Are We Protecting Our Youth Ministry?

12 question checklist to assess the safeguards you have in place.
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Are We Prepared for Gun Violence at Church?

Discover if you're protecting your congregation.
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Is Your Data Left Unguarded?

Keep your church records and data safe with the right precautions and software.
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Is Your Church Prepared to Host a Large Event?

11 question checklist to help you assess the unique risks your event presents.
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Do We Prevent Crime at our Church?

A checklist to help you evaluate your building's security.
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What if Someone in Church Has the Virus?

Understanding the rights of congregants, staff, and volunteers.
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Church Member's Arrest Justified Member access only

Individuals who send threatening communications to a pastor can face criminal liability.
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How to Safely Reopen Your Church and Reduce Legal Liability

Don’t meet until you’ve consulted your local, state, and federal authorities and then follow the strictest guidelines.
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Keeping Children and Teens Safe While Ministering Online

Six ways to minimize risk while fostering teaching and community during the pandemic and beyond.
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Will Our Church Get Sued for Reopening? Member access only

How church leaders should weigh the potential legal liabilities associated with public gatherings during the pandemic.
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Developing a Lay Counseling Ministry

Have you created a safe, secure environment for your spiritual care ministry?
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Is Our Church Prepared for Disaster?

A 10-question checklist to determine steps to take.
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Are We Practicing Safe Fundraising?

A 12-question checklist to ensure a fun and safe event.
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Precautions and Protocols to Take When Responding to a Pandemic

A medical professional and church leader explains how churches can respond safely and effectively.
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3 Steps to Determine If Government Actions Affect Public Gatherings

Churches need to closely watch how local and state officials respond to COVID-19.
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5 Ways to Protect Your Church

How to implement thorough policies and procedures.
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New Email Scam Targets Payroll

Churches should verify that requests for bank account changes are legitimate.
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New Scam: Emails Target Worshipers

Leaders should warn congregants about this phony “contribution” scam.
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