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Preventing a Violent Incident at Your Church

Preventing a Violent Incident at Your Church

Learn about preparing for an active shooter, conceal carry weapons laws, and the role of security guards.
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Preventing Abuse in Youth Ministries

Churches need to develop solid boundaries and a good reporting structure.
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When the Church Office Closes for Bad Weather, Does Everyone Get Paid?

The legal—and logical—considerations regarding how to handle an office closure.
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Premises Liability Member access only

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When Volunteers Drive for Your Church

Tips for handling this critical area of risk-management.
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Responding to Gun Violence Concerns at Churches Member access only

Church shootings remain rare, but policies and planning are still necessities.
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6 Questions to Assess Vehicle Insurance Member access only

Managing the money of the church includes being up-to-date on insurance policies.
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Q&A: Are New 15-Passenger Vans Safer?

Even with improvements, these vehicles still pose significant risks.
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