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Preventing a Violent Incident at Your Church

Preventing a Violent Incident at Your Church

Learn about preparing for an active shooter, conceal carry weapons laws, and the role of security guards.
Pastor, Church & Law

Premises Liability Member access only

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Are We Keeping Track of Our Kids?

This quiz will tell you if you're using good check-in and check-out procedures to keep your kids safe.
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Are Our Volunteer Workers Safe?

Assessment: Take this quiz to discover if your church is protecting its volunteers.
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Is Our Team Ready to Plant a Church?

Assessment: Before you break ground, take this free quiz to make sure you're planning accordingly.
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What Do We Know About Road Safety?

Assessment: Take this quiz to see if your church is following state requirements and safety procedures.
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Is Our Church Food and Kitchen Safe?

Assessment: Take this quiz before you host your next potluck.
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How Does Our Ministry Maintain Emotional Safety?

Assessment: Use this quiz to learn if your church is keeping its children emotionally safe.
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How Safe Is Your Church's Worship Production?

Assessment: Take this quiz to find out how well your church is protecting volunteers and the congregation.
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Steps for Keeping Track of Children Member access only

Are there simple ways for checking in and checking out kids?
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Q&A: Sponsoring Hayrides at Church Member access only

Should our church be concerned about sponsoring events like hayrides?
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Simple Tips for Creating An Emotionally Safe Children's Ministry

An emotionally safe environment allows children to make friends and trust their teachers.
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Safe Haven Member access only

Renew your commitment to protection.
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Simple Tips to Creating a Safe Outreach Ministry

Plan properly, so that you can focus on meeting the needs of your neighboring communities.
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Simple Tips to Make Your Church Playground Safe

With a little attention to the right details, you can help keep children safe on the playground.
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Is Your Playground Safe?

Assessment: Evaluate the risks of the church playground.
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Text Messaging Member access only

How can I maintain an open ministry while using tools that encourage privacy?
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Can We Ask About Past Abuse? Member access only

Are we respecting our volunteers who work with children if we ask them they have ever been abused?
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Reliable Screening Services Member access only

How do you know if you're using a "good" background screening service?
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When A Volunteer Has A Disease Member access only

Is there a risk to using a volunteer with Hepatitis B?
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