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Safe Hiring Practices for Ministries

Safe Hiring Practices for Ministries

Essential items to consider before you bring new clergy or staff on board.

Church Liable for Not Screening Member access only

Is a church leader liable for not screening someone they know?
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Background Checks for Small Churches Member access only

The importance of screening workers regardless of church size or location.
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Are We Prepared for a Sexual Misconduct Allegation?

Assessment: Use this quiz to help prepare for a sexual harassment allegation in your church.
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Background Checks for Paid Staff vs. Volunteers Member access only

What level of screening is enough?
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Can We Ask About Past Abuse? Member access only

Are we respecting our volunteers who work with children if we ask them they have ever been abused?
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Reliable Screening Services Member access only

How do you know if you're using a "good" background screening service?
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Screening Underage Workers Member access only

How can we adequately screen adolescents before recruiting them to work in our children's ministries?
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Legal Age Requirement for Children's Workers Member access only

Is there a minimum age for child care workers at church?
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How Thorough Is Our Background Screening Program?

Assessment: Take this quiz to find out.
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Frequency of Background Checks Member access only

How often should background checks be done for existing staff and volunteers?
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Q&A: How Long Should We Keep Volunteer Applications and Background Check Documents? Member access only

The simple answer is the longer, the better.
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8 Supervision Guidelines to Keep Kids Safe Member access only

Implement these tips to minimize the risk to your church's children.
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Hire and Fire at Church Member access only

Learn to handle these core issues with confidence.
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Select and Screen Safe Drivers Member access only

Are your church members' lives in the right hands?
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The Risks of Recruiting a Minor Member access only

Can we use volunteers who are under 18?
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Breaking Boundaries with Minors Member access only

Consider the insights of legal experts on the topic.
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Prepare for a Short-Term Missions Trip Member access only

Practical tips to help you avoid unexpected emergencies.
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Camp Safety Member access only

Risk management provides a safe environment at camp.
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Screening Teen Workers Member access only

How to select safe volunteers without a background check.
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Screening the Screener: What to Look For in a Background Check Service Member access only

Two simple steps to reduce the risk.
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