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Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Learn how to establish check-in procedures that keep children safe.
Pastor, Church & Law

Risk Management Member access only

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Simple Tips for Managing Church Facility Use

Allowing others to use empty church facilities raises issues of security, damages, and liability that you need to consider carefully before you open your doors.
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Do We Have Clear Procedures for Facility Use?

Discover if your church is prepared to share its property.
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Are We Ready for Our Next Youth Trip?

Assessment: Take this free quiz to learn how to keep your church's youth safe with proper planning and procedures.
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Simple Tips for Keeping Your Counseling Ministry Safe from Sexual Temptation

Is your staff aware of the risks involved with this ministry?
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Simple Tips to Creating a Safe Outreach Ministry

Plan properly, so that you can focus on meeting the needs of your neighboring communities.
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Simple Tips to Make Your Church Playground Safe

With a little attention to the right details, you can help keep children safe on the playground.
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Preventing Child Abduction in Your Children's Ministry Member access only

How do we make sure every child leaves with the right adult?
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Skateboarding on Church Property Member access only

Are we liable if someone gets hurt?
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Supervision of minors during church and class time Member access only

What is a church's responsibility for supervising minors during Sunday school and worship services?
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Simple Tips for Starting a Lay Counseling Ministry

Help your church become a safe place for hurting people.
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Appropriate Childcare Adult/Child Ratios Member access only

What is the legal volunteer to child ratio when supervising elementary students?
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The Real Hazards of Asking People to Help Member access only

Ways to reduce the risk of accidents on church work projects.
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