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Reducing the Risk

Reducing the Risk

Keep your church safe from child sexual abuse.

Reducing Accidents in Maintenance and Construction Projects Member access only

Discover the importance of a safety supervisor.
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Camp Safety Member access only

Risk management provides a safe environment at camp.
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Using Volunteer Construction Workers Member access only

Understanding potential costs when a volunteer gets hurt.
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Church Law & Tax Report

Evidence of Subsequent Corrective Action Member access only

Evidence of remedial action taken after an event is generally not admissible in court.
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The 10-Step Program for Orienting New Board Members Member access only

Ensuring a smooth start
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Counseling - Part 1 Member access only

Legal risks for counseling ministries.
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What's Your Church's Plan for an Active Shooter? Member access only

Four things church leaders must consider when preparing a shooter response plan.
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Safety Training: It's More Than a Manual Member access only

Youth Ministry Roundtable: Part three of a five-part series focused on issues related to risk and safety.
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