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Essential Guide to Employment Issues for Church Boards

Essential Guide to Employment Issues for Church Boards

Covers selection and screening, dispute resolution, terminations, discrimination, and minimum wage.

Supreme Court Reaffirms and Expands Ministerial Exception Member access only

What the ruling means for churches and religious organizations.
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What the Supreme Court’s COVID-19 Opinion Means for Church Gatherings Member access only

A deeply divided Court rejected one California church’s request to restore in-person services sooner than the state governor ordered.
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Ministerial Exception Member access only

The law doesn't always protect pastors from employment discrimination.
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Public Accommodation Laws Member access only

Understand how discrimination laws affect which outside groups can use church facilities.
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Will Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Become Illegal?

High court’s decision could have implications for the hiring and firing practices of churches.
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Court Dismisses Pregnancy-Related Lawsuit Brought Against Church

Judge says the facts of the case demonstrate firing was based on religious doctrine.
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Pastor, Church & Law

Sexual Harassment Member access only

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