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Church Finance

Church Finance

Learn about budgeting, financial reporting, tax compliance, insurance coverage, and more.

Q&A: Effectively Unraveling Disorganized Financial Records

What to do when records appear in disarray.
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Selecting an Attorney or CPA

How should a church quickly find an attorney or CPA when the need arises?
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Church Law & Tax Report

Financial Regulation - Part 2 Member access only

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Using Comparative Ratios to Improve Church Financial Health Member access only

A close look at similar congregations can aid decision-making.
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5 Apps for Tracking Receipts Member access only

Easy does it with these free Internet tools.
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4 Ingredients for an Effective Accounting System

Don't let sloppy or poor accounting practices compromise your church's finances.
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Protect Your Church's Financial Health

Five reasons you need effective internal controls.
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Six Debt Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor Member access only

These calculations offer key clues about the health of the church's finances.
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Q&A: How Can Churches Get Staff to Turn Credit Card Receipts?

Why one church has only one credit card.
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An Opportunity When a Church Expense Runs High

Evaluation and communication can yield a far better return.
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5 Key Considerations of Financial Integrity for Church Leaders

A printable checklist for financial managers of churches.
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A Tool to Increase Giving: The Church Bulletin

How you present financial information matters
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Planning Your Budgeting Process

The guidelines that make the budgeting process most effective for your church.
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4 Expense Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor Member access only

These key calculations will help you measure the financial costs of doing ministry.
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Church Finance Today

Can the church borrow from a restricted fund? Member access only

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Common Church Finance Department Mistakes and How to Remedy Them Member access only

Seven ways church finances can go awry and the guidance needed to keep them on track.
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Internal Control Weaknesses: “I Know Someone Who . . .” Member access only

How spotting gaps in internal controls helps ensure a safe, accountable ministry.
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What a Successful Church Accounting Department Manager Looks Like Member access only

The traits needed for sound, reliable leadership of the church’s finances.
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