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50 State Religious Freedom Laws Report

50 State Religious Freedom Laws Report

A review of State Laws and court decisions affecting church leaders

How Healthy Is Your Leadership? Member access only

Reviewing eight factors in your ministry and how they contribute to a healthy church.
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7 Tips for Church Boards

Ways to strengthen this leadership team.
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4 Apps to Help Church Staff Collaboration and Productivity

Managing ministry is easier with these tools.
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6 Symptoms of Church Ministry Silos

And ways to help cure this type of disunity.
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A Closer Look at Church Internship and Residency Programs

Examining the statistics behind a growing ministry phenomenon.
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What a Successful Church Accounting Department Manager Looks Like Member access only

The traits needed for sound, reliable leadership of the church’s finances.
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6 Tips for Managing Meetings Well

A pastor shares guidelines to help.
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6 Ways My Church Uses Google Apps

How these tools improve productivity and collaboration.
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How to Use Slack in Your Church

An online tool helps improve church staff communication.
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5 Digital Tools for Managing Church Volunteers

Some handy electronic resources with the potential to revolutionize your volunteer management.
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How to Avoid Disaster Aid Burnout Member access only

Understanding and preventing burnout equips us to serve well.
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A Guide to 25-Minute Meetings for Church Leaders

Planning a productive (and short) meeting in which everyone gets a voice.
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Succession Plans: Why Your Church Needs One Member access only

What would happen to your congregation if your pastor were suddenly no longer around?
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Minding the Gap: Gender and Compensation in Churches and Ministries Member access only

How churches can provide equitable pay for the women and men they employ.
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How to Train Disaster Volunteers in Your Church Member access only

Five steps for building and preparing a disaster ministry team.
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Why Domestic Violence in the Home Endangers Your Church Member access only

Step one: acknowledge that it happens.
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Before You Fire Your Pastor

8 guidelines to consider.
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The Changing Face of the Executive Pastor Role

A longtime XP discusses what is changing for a position once limited to large churches.
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4 Ways to Make an Agenda Work for You

Consider which approach may work best for your meetings.
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