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Video: Our Church Got a PPP Loan—Now What?

Our Church Got a PPP Loan—Now What?

CPA and tax attorney Ted Batson provides church leaders with guidance on the PPP loan forgiveness application process.
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Will Your Church’s “Good Faith Certification” for a Paycheck Protection Loan Come into Question?

For loans under $2 million, the SBA will assume the borrower determined in “good faith” that it met the PPP loan requirement.
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New Stimulus Funding Replenishes Paycheck Protection Program

Churches still in need of a forgivable loan should immediately restart their efforts.
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Q&A: How Should Churches Handle the Bookkeeping for Paycheck Protection Loans?

Also, do you recommend a separate bank account for these loans?
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Paycheck Protection Program FAQ

Answers to 30 frequently asked questions from church leaders.
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Loan Modifications in a Crisis

Steps your church can take to restructure debt when full payment, or any payment, becomes difficult.
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SBA Updated Guidance: Religious Liberty Protections Will be Provided with Loan Program

Clarification comes as applications for coronavirus-related relief for small employers begin.
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How Churches Can Apply for the Paycheck Protection Program

What leaders should know—now—to prepare their application for funds from the stimulus package.
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Church Leader Caught in Embezzlement Scheme Goes to Prison Member access only

Lax internal controls can leave any congregation wide open to theft and scandal.
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With Interest Rates Up, Should Churches Borrow to Build?

Some considerations regarding debt to fund expansion or new construction.
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3 Audiences for Church Financial Reports to Consider

The people you need to keep in the know when creating financial statements.
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Q&A: Business Acumen Matters to Church Lenders

For a mortgage loan application, don’t assume a consultant is best.
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Responding to Financial Crisis Member access only

One crisis management consultant offers tips for churches to avoid bankruptcy.
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Church Finance Today

Q&A: Credit Card Fees for Donations Member access only

How does a church account for fees charged on donations?
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