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2020 Church & Clergy Tax Guide

2020 Church & Clergy Tax Guide

Find comprehensive help understanding United States tax laws as they relate to pastors and churches.

Simple Tips for Receiving Charitable Contributions Member access only

It's easy to avoid financial complications arising from contributions if you follow these simple tips.
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Simple Tips for Handling Your Church's Money Member access only

Church financial audits provide you the opportunity to take a close look at how your church handles its money.
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Simple Tips for Managing Church Facility Use

Allowing others to use empty church facilities raises issues of security, damages, and liability that you need to consider carefully before you open your doors.
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Simple Tips for Understanding Copyright Law

Music ministries and church websites are just a few of the areas where you are at risk for violations.
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Simple Tips for Launching a Business at Church Member access only

Starting a business at your church can be a powerful draw and provide an often surprising outreach opportunity.
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Do We Safely Handle Our Money?

Assessment: Take this quiz to see if your church is properly protecting its finances.
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Do We Have Clear Procedures for Facility Use?

Discover if your church is prepared to share its property.
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Is Our Team Ready to Plant a Church?

Assessment: Before you break ground, take this free quiz to make sure you're planning accordingly.
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Is Our Church Food and Kitchen Safe?

Assessment: Take this quiz before you host your next potluck.
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Is Your Church Computer Secure?

Discover if you're protecting your valuable information.
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Are We Violating Copyright Law?

Assessment: Take this quiz to make sure you're staying within the guidelines.
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Do We Know the Risks of Church Political Activity?

Assessment: Assess whether your church is threatening your tax-exempt status.
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What Counseling Precautions Are We Taking?

Assessment: Discover if your church is keeping your counseling ministry safe from sexual temptation.
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Are We Ready for Our Next Youth Trip?

Assessment: Take this free quiz to learn how to keep your church's youth safe with proper planning and procedures.
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Steps for Keeping Track of Children Member access only

Are there simple ways for checking in and checking out kids?
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Church Liable for Not Screening Member access only

Is a church leader liable for not screening someone they know?
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Q&A: Sponsoring Hayrides at Church Member access only

Should our church be concerned about sponsoring events like hayrides?
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Teenage Boy Child Molester Member access only

A teenage boy wants to continue attending church. What should we do?
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Accessing Employee Computers Member access only

Do churches have the right to monitor computers and phones?
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Ministers Failing to Report Child Abuse Member access only

Can ministers face criminal and civil charges for not reporting abuse?
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