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Church Finance

Church Finance

Learn about budgeting, financial reporting, tax compliance, insurance coverage, and more.

Simple Tips for Handling Your Church's Money Member access only

Church financial audits provide you the opportunity to take a close look at how your church handles its money.
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Surviving a Church Financial Audit Member access only

Field-tested tips from a CPA.
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Selecting an Attorney or CPA

How should a church quickly find an attorney or CPA when the need arises?
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Simple Tips for Securing Your Church Finances

Learn how to prevent and respond to financial crimes.
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How to Hire an Attorney for Your Church Member access only

Seven guidelines for finding the right attorney for your legal issue.
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Simple Guide to Internal Controls

Basic principles for protecting church finances.
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Before You Buy Church Management Software Member access only

3 tips on how an electronic system can help.
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Protecting IT from Disasters Member access only

Sound policies and purchases can keep churches going, even in dire situations.
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Simple Guide to Preventing Church Lawsuits

Legal trends that put your church at risk.
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Simple Tips to Responding to Embezzlement

Six steps to handling theft at your church.
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Right Those Copyright Wrongs Member access only

How to know if you're stealing what belongs by law to others.
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Safeguard the Church Treasury Member access only

Important protections against money mismanagement.
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Following the Rules for Love Gifts

When it pays to get tough on contributions.
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Handle Financial Theft at Church Member access only

What do you do after you discover the crime?
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Hiring a Professional Fundraiser Member access only

Getting the pros, not the con.
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The Growing Risk of Embezzlement  Member access only

Why churches are more at risk than ever.
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Evaluating Your Next Vendor

Ask key questions to avoid getting scammed.
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Church Documents and Records Member access only

Information every board member should be familiar with.
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Church Law & Tax Report

Could You Be Sued for Mismanaging Your Church's Money? Member access only

The personal liability of church officers, directors, and trustees.
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Church Finance Today

High Stakes with High-Tech Member access only

New tools and tactics make churches susceptible to fraud.
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