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Youth Ministry in a #MeToo Culture

Youth Ministry in a #MeToo Culture

Develop boundaries and a reporting structure that keeps your youth program safe for everyone.

Simple Tips for Creating An Emotionally Safe Children's Ministry

An emotionally safe environment allows children to make friends and trust their teachers.
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Simple Tips to Creating a Safe Daycare Environment

Take a look at the legal requirements and safety precautions your church needs.
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Simple Tips for Keeping Your Counseling Ministry Safe from Sexual Temptation

Is your staff aware of the risks involved with this ministry?
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Drawing the Line on Danger

What to do when someone dangerous enters the church.
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Flirting with Disaster

How to respond when a YOUTH flirts with you.
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Simple Tips for Screening and Selecting Underage Workers

How to recruit trustworthy youth volunteers.
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Simple Guide to Preventing Church Lawsuits

Legal trends that put your church at risk.
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State Day Care Licensing Member access only

State requirements may vary.
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Maximize Your Time Outside Member access only

Make the most of the great outdoors by following these safety ideas.
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New Faces? No Problem! Member access only

A church in a transient community goes far to protect the children in its care.
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8 Supervision Guidelines to Keep Kids Safe Member access only

Implement these tips to minimize the risk to your church's children.
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Clean Kids, Healthy Kids Member access only

Creating a healthy environment in your church nursery.
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Safe on the (Play)Ground Member access only

Follow these guidelines to keep playtime as carefree as possible.
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Staying Above Reproach Member access only

7 rules to help volunteer leaders protect themselves and the kids they serve.
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Safe Church, Safe Kids Member access only

How one church creates a safe environment for kids.
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Breaking Boundaries with Minors Member access only

Consider the insights of legal experts on the topic.
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Camp Safety Member access only

Risk management provides a safe environment at camp.
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Rules of Play Member access only

Here's what to look for in recreational and playground equipment.
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"I Can't Promise Not to Tell" Member access only

Youth workers have ethical and legal duties they must fulfill.
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