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Church IT

Church IT

Learn how to find the best solutions when choosing software and hardware for your church.

Simple Tips for Managing Church Facility Use

Allowing others to use empty church facilities raises issues of security, damages, and liability that you need to consider carefully before you open your doors.
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Simple Tips for Protecting Church Data

Keep your church records and data safe with the right precautions and software.
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Simple Tips to Make Your Church Playground Safe

With a little attention to the right details, you can help keep children safe on the playground.
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The Great Green Question for Churches

Hype or sound economics? Experts weigh environment-sustainable building practices.
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Drawing the Line on Danger

What to do when someone dangerous enters the church.
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Accessible for All Ages Member access only

As the number of senior citizens grows, churches work to accommodate needs
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Flirting with Disaster

How to respond when a YOUTH flirts with you.
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It's a Church, Not an Ark Member access only

Tips for keeping wildlife out of your building.
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Simple Tips to Making Your Church Accessible

It's essential you know how to get people in and around your facilities with ease.
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Simple Ways Technology Can Make You Safer

Understanding the benefits of new technologies.
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Simple Ways to Deal with Disaster

How to prepare for (and respond to) a disaster in your church
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Giving Tech Its Due

How—and where—church leaders should budget for IT.
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Simple Tips for Improving Access and Safety for Elderly Adults

Minor adjustments can remove many barriers to church involvement.
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Protect Your Church From Data Loss or Theft Member access only

Simple steps you can take.
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Keeping Secrets Member access only

Your church must be careful with the confidential information it controls.
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Right Those Copyright Wrongs Member access only

How to know if you're stealing what belongs by law to others.
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State Day Care Licensing Member access only

State requirements may vary.
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New Faces? No Problem! Member access only

A church in a transient community goes far to protect the children in its care.
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The Real Hazards of Asking People to Help Member access only

Ways to reduce the risk of accidents on church work projects.
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Developing a Policy for Outside Groups Member access only

Create clear understandings for facility use.
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