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Selecting an Attorney or CPA

How should a church quickly find an attorney when the insurance company won't cover a lawsuit?

Gift or Gaffe?

How to get the full benefit from year-end donations.
Tune-in to Feedback

Tune-in to Feedback

The right approach can boost job performance.

Effectively Unraveling Disorganized Financial Records Subscriber access only

What to do when records appear in disarray

Steps for Keeping Track of Children Subscriber access only

Are there simple ways for checking in and checking out kids?
What Counseling Precautions Are We Taking?

What Counseling Precautions Are We Taking?

Assessment: Discover if your church is keeping your counseling ministry safe from sexual temptation.
Are We Ready for Our Next Youth Trip?

Are We Ready for Our Next Youth Trip?

Assessment: Take this free quiz to learn how to keep your church's youth safe with proper planning and procedures.
Are We Prepared to Confront Peer Abuse?

Are We Prepared to Confront Peer Abuse?

Assessment: Take this free quiz to see if your protecting kids from other kids.

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Counseling Ministry Safe from Sexual Temptation

Is your staff aware of the risks involved with this ministry?

Exceptions to Exemption

There are times when churches pay—or collect—sales tax
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Receive a customized salary report for up to 18 different ministry positions. Learn how your church should compensate based on size, budget, location, and employee work experience.

Church Compensation

Church Compensation Subscriber access only

Learn the many pieces of employee compensation so you're in compliance with government guidelines and your ministry staff is properly cared for.
Immigration & the Church

Immigration & the Church Subscriber access only

Keep your church safe and legal and as you strive to serve the immigrant communities in your context.