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August 2009

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Maintaining Safe Levels of Cash Reserves Member access only

How much is enough?

Paying Employees without Timecards Member access only

Is it legal to delay employee's wages?

Preventing Child Abduction in Your Children's Ministry Member access only

How do we make sure every child leaves with the right adult?

Screening Underage Workers Member access only

How can we adequately screen adolescents before recruiting them to work in our children's ministries?
Q&A: Certifying Church Buses

Q&A: Certifying Church Buses Member access only

Are church buses subject to state motor vehicle regulations?
Are We Covered by Our Insurance?

Are We Covered by Our Insurance?

Assessment: Evaluate your church's insurance with this quiz.



Let ChurchSalary do the work. Get personalized compensation reports for staff and pastors.

Planning a Church Building Project

Planning a Church Building Project Member access only

Learn about zoning laws, property sales, church construction, financing, and more.
Safe Hiring Practices for Ministries

Safe Hiring Practices for Ministries  Member access only

Essential items to consider before you bring new clergy or staff on board.