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February 2009

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Can You Handle A Firing?

Can You Handle A Firing?

Assessment: Use this checklist to find out.

Disregarding Flirting Subscriber access only

How should I respond to flirtatious behavior?

Trips to the Holy Land? Subscriber access only

Is our church's gift to our pastor taxable?

The Great Green Question for Churches

Hype or sound economics? Experts weigh environment-sustainable building practices.

Signing Checks Subscriber access only

What liability do I have as a check signer for my church?

Text Messaging Subscriber access only

How can I maintain an open ministry while using tools that encourage privacy?
Is Our Money Safe?

Is Our Money Safe?

Assessment: Discover if your church financials are safe.
Is Your Playground Safe?

Is Your Playground Safe?

Assessment: Evaluate the risks of the church playground.

Simple Tips to Make Your Church Playground Safe

With a little attention to the right details, you can help keep children safe on the playground.

Simple Tips for Securing Your Church Finances

Learn how to prevent and respond to financial crimes.

Receive a customized salary report for up to 18 different ministry positions. Learn how your church should compensate based on size, budget, location, and employee work experience.

Does Your Church Owe Taxes on Alternative Revenue?

Does Your Church Owe Taxes on Alternative Revenue? Subscriber access only

How unrelated business income, and the possible taxes owed from it, works for churches.
Church Board Guide to Developing a Risk Management Strategy

Church Board Guide to Developing a Risk Management Strategy Subscriber access only

Learn why it is essential your church develop a risk management strategy and how to implement the strategy in your church.