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January 2009
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Fair Pay

A step-by-step plan for implementing an effective compensation plan.
Q&A: Background Checks for Paid Staff vs. Volunteers

Q&A: Background Checks for Paid Staff vs. Volunteers Member access only

What level of screening is enough?

Q&A: Employment Agreements Member access only

Are non-compete clauses for church staff legal?

Watch Your Step

Business activity in your church can impact employment policies and zoning.

Simple Tips to Creating a Safe Outreach Ministry

Plan properly, so that you can focus on meeting the needs of your neighboring communities.

Q&A: Background Checks for Small Churches Member access only

The importance of screening workers regardless of church size or location.

Q&A: Can Non-exempt Employees Get Comp Time? Member access only

Comp time vs. overtime pay
Don't Take the Fall

Don't Take the Fall Member access only

Protect your congregation from the church's most common liability.

14 Reasons to Create a Facilities Use Agreement

Consider the following issues before allowing community groups to use your facilities.

Ponzis, Pyramids, and Other Investment Scams

Keep your donations secure.