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September 2009

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Potential Damages for Copyright Infringement Subscriber access only

What penalties can a church face for violating copyright law?
Do You Know How to Select Church Insurance?

Do You Know How to Select Church Insurance?

Assessment: Consider these questions when selecting and retaining your church's insurance.
Asking for Big Gifts in Tough Times

Asking for Big Gifts in Tough Times

Keys to securing large contributions in tight situations.

The Persuasive Purchaser

How to approach decision-makers about big buys.

Accounting for Sales of Pastor's Preaching Resources Subscriber access only

What is the proper way to allocate income of sales?

Legal Age Requirement for Children's Workers Subscriber access only

Is there a minimum age for child care workers at church?
Can We Handle a Dangerous Person?

Can We Handle a Dangerous Person?

Assessment: Take this quiz to see if you're prepared.

Making Comparisons Before You Buy

Eight tips your church can use when making purchases.

High Tech, Low Budget

How one rural pastor uses technology without spending a lot.
Reading the Fine Print

Reading the Fine Print Subscriber access only

Tips and tactics to remember when it comes to contracts.
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Receive a customized salary report for up to 15 different ministry positions. Learn how your church should compensate based on size, budget, location, and employee work experience.

Increase Giving at Church

Increase Giving at Church Subscriber access only

Develop practical and digital strategies to cultivate a culture of giving.
Confronting Peer Abuse in Your Church

Confronting Peer Abuse in Your Church  Subscriber access only

Learn how to watch and protect the children under your care from peer abuse at church.