High Tech, Low Budget
How one rural pastor uses technology without spending a lot.
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Secondly, as most churches do, we often use performance tracks during the service. Cueing the track with a CD player worked, but sometimes errors occurred. Sunday morning tech volunteers occasionally struggled switching their focus from the projection software to the CD player. But during my exploration of the projection software, I learned it could import and use audio files. All we had to do was burn the performance tracks from the CD and move them into the software. Now, a single mouse click begins the track, meaning we no longer need to transition from the computer to the CD player and back to the computer. Once more, taking inventory led to a no-cost technological improvement.

2. Select Inexpensive Upgrades

Following my inventory, I began to consider various technology upgrades supported by our presentation software. Two inexpensive upgrades have significantly improved our Sunday morning presentation.

For instance, I saw that, with the right Bible software, we could import scripture directly into our slides without retyping or cutting and pasting. This creates advantages in other areas as well, particularly in sermon preparation and in the creation of our sermon outlines. To make this upgrade, we could choose among several expensive, big-name Bible programs. Or, for less than $40, we could buy online software, which offers numerous translations, providing a full-feature upgrade at a fraction of the cost.

Another inexpensive upgrade: the AoA DVD Ripper (www.aoamedia.com). For a small amount, it easily pulls movie clips directly off of DVDs. Of particular value, this ripper allows you to cut a movie scene at pre-defined starting and ending points—some rippers only allow you to cut whole chapters. This is a significant improvement when it comes to using movie clips in sermon illustrations.

Posted: September 9, 2009

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