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Collaborating to Manage Risk

Slideshow: How Church Boards & Staff Can Work Together
Screening Outreach Leaders and Volunteers

Screening Outreach Leaders and Volunteers Member access only

Infographic: Steps churches take to select those who will lead outreach efforts.

Churches Weigh the Credit Card Question Member access only

Leaders wrestle with payment option for online giving.

Finding the Funding Oasis

Getting the money for a building project during a financial drought.
Protecting IT from Disasters

Protecting IT from Disasters Member access only

Sound policies and purchases can keep churches going, even in dire situations.

Tax Benefits for Missionaries Member access only

Can a contract missionary from our church receive any tax benefits while he is serving overseas?

Avoiding Unlawful Discrimination in Interviews Member access only

What questions can—and can't—we ask prospective employees and their references?

Medicaid and the Return of Donor Dollars Member access only

What are the financial implications for churches with Medicaid's five year look-back period?
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Experience a whole new way to set compensation. Eliminate the guesswork – get access to detailed compensation reports in just minutes.

Planning a Church Building Project

Planning a Church Building Project Member access only

Learn about zoning laws, property sales, church construction, financing, and more.
20 Finance Questions Churches Ask

20 Finance Questions Churches Ask Member access only

Richard Hammar answers relevant tax and finance questions for church leaders.