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April 2010
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Proper Preparation

A security professional discusses safety on short-term missions.

Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios

Planning for unexpected events on short-term missions here and abroad

Q&A: Tax Status of Pastor's Housing Allowance Member access only

Are housing expenses that are paid by the church before being designated considered taxable or nontaxable income?

Q&A: Distributing Church Assets Member access only

Can we give a sizable love gift to our pastor and distribute our assets to another ministry?

Q&A: Officiating Weddings

How do I report income for officiating wedding ceremonies if I'm no longer employed by a church?

Q&A: Adjusting Housing Allowance

Do we need to adjust our pastor's housing allowance designation if his housing expenses are less than the amount our board approved?

Q&A: Insurance Coverage for Offering Blood Pressure Checks at Church Member access only

Do we need special coverage beyond the liability insurance we already have?

Q&A: Frequency of Background Checks

How often should background checks be done for existing staff and volunteers?

Learning from "Lean" Staffs

Churches that spend less than national averages on personnel