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April 2010

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Proper Preparation Member access only

A security professional discusses safety on short-term missions.

Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios Member access only

Planning for unexpected events on short-term missions here and abroad

Tax Status of Pastor's Housing Allowance Member access only

Are housing expenses that are paid by the church before being designated considered taxable or nontaxable income?

Distributing Church Assets Member access only

Can we give a sizable love gift to our pastor and distribute our assets to another ministry?

Officiating Weddings Member access only

How do I report income for officiating wedding ceremonies if I'm no longer employed by a church?

Adjusting Housing Allowance Member access only

Do we need to adjust our pastor's housing allowance designation if his housing expenses are less than the amount our board approved?

Insurance Coverage for Offering Blood Pressure Checks at Church Member access only

Do we need special coverage beyond the liability insurance we already have?

Appropriate Childcare Adult/Child Ratios Member access only

What is the legal volunteer to child ratio when supervising elementary students?

Frequency of Background Checks Member access only

How often should background checks be done for existing staff and volunteers?

Learning from "Lean" Staffs

Churches that spend less than national averages on personnel
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Let ChurchSalary do the work. Get personalized compensation reports for staff and pastors.

Record Keeping

Record Keeping  Member access only

Learn best practices for protecting confidential documents.
Best Practices for Technology Usage

Best Practices for Technology Usage Member access only

Establish policies and best practices to govern the use of technology for church staff.