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February 2010
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How to Hire an Attorney for Your Church

How to Hire an Attorney for Your Church

Seven guidelines for finding the right attorney for your legal issue.

Q&A: Supervision of minors during church and class time Member access only

What is a church's responsibility for supervising minors during Sunday school and worship services?

Q&A: Substantiating Stock Donations

Do I need to provide the donor or the government with anything to substantiate a stock donation?

Q&A: Dissolution of Church's Personal Property Member access only

How can our church be sure that the donated assets from another church are legally transferable?

Q&A: No-Interest Loans Member access only

Can we provide an interest-free emergency loan to a church member?

Q&A: Insurance Premium Reimbursement

Can we reimburse a church member for her insurance premium payment, and also count her payment as a charitable contribution?

Q&A: Health Savings Accounts Member access only

Can we legally designate medical allowances for our pastors' health plan?

Thinking Strategically in a Recession

Making better decisions in lean times.
Thinking Financially in a Recession

Thinking Financially in a Recession

Leading in lean times requires a new approach.