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March 2010
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Q&A: Planning Ahead for Pastor's Retirement Member access only

How can we take care of our senior pastor after he retires?
Q&A: Charging Money for Special Events

Q&A: Charging Money for Special Events Member access only

Can we set a ticket price for a church concert?

Q&A: Are Churches Legally Obligated to Disclose Staff Salaries? Member access only

No statute requires church employee salaries to be disclosed to the public.

Q&A: Screening Volunteers for Visitation Ministries Member access only

Do we need to do background checks on adults who will be visiting shut-ins?
Maximizing Your Church's Buying Power

Maximizing Your Church's Buying Power

How to find the ideal combination of price, quality, and reliability.

Q&A: Starting a 501(c)(3) at Church Member access only

Can our pastor launch a side ministry at our church?

Q&A: Changing Designated Funds Member access only

Can we redefine the use of funds that have been specifically designated to an individual for a set purpose? If so, to what extent does our congregation need to be notified of such a change?

Q&A: Making Improvements to Pastor-Owned Property Member access only

Can we build an outdoor gazebo for the church's use on the pastor's property?

Q&A: Compensating Musicians Legally

Can we create a designated account to supplement an employee's pay?

Simple Tips for Starting a Lay Counseling Ministry

Help your church become a safe place for hurting people.

Giving Tech Its Due

How—and where—church leaders should budget for IT.

Facing a Financial Crisis

How churches should handle a possible loan default.
Winter Transportation

Winter Transportation

How to avoid the increased driving risks of winter.