Before You Buy Church Management Software
3 tips on how an electronic system can help.

Church management software frees staff members to do their jobs more efficiently. They communicate better using one common tool, and they help control the costs related to running a church. Yet it's often hard to know what to expect when considering a new church management program. Here are three tips to consider:

1. Look for how the software improves efficiency

One of the key benefits to church management software is in how it frees staff members to do the work of the church and not spend as much time on the computer. It's important to choose a tool that staff will use regularly, does not have a high learning curve, and actually solves most of your church management issues.

Brandon Ganz, the director of operations at Christ Community Church in Rochester, Minnesota, uses PDSLive Online (recently renamed because the software works in "real time," meaning it is available anytime. That's helpful for addressing church management issues as they arise, or for Sunday morning tasks that often waited to get completed, such as when staff members enter attendance information.

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Posted: September 19, 2010
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