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Church Bulletin Basics
Church Bulletin Basics
The legal and philosophical considerations behind your church’s weekly handout.

Even in our digital age of worship projection, church websites, and social media, many churches still use paper bulletins on Sunday mornings. The power of a tangible communication piece that people can hold in their hands and take home with them cannot be underestimated.

However, the bulletin presents many logistical and administrative challenges on both a macro and micro scale. If you’re the person creating the bulletin each week, this task can be equally monotonous and challenging every time you tackle it.

Because bulletins require notable time and resources, and because they represent the church in such a tangible way, churches would be wise to step back and evaluate what they do. Answering the questions below is an important first step, followed by careful content considerations ranging from copyright to privacy.

Three questions

These three questions offer a helpful initial evaluation:

1. Who are we? Before you create content or design a bulletin, you must wrestle with the question of, Who are we? In other words, a church must define the unique spiritual personality traits that they see in their midst as the Body of Christ. For instance, are we a church that seems to be focused on knowing Christ on a personal and intimate level?What about our outreach and mission to our community? The answers to these kinds of questions naturally flow out of a mission or vision statement. Once you examine your values, you can intentionally infuse these values into all communication formats, including the bulletin.

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December 23, 2014
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