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January 2014

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Setting Staff Salaries

Setting Staff Salaries Member access only

Churches often fail to count the hidden costs of poor salaries.
Hosting a Super Bowl Party? Remember These Tips.

Hosting a Super Bowl Party? Remember These Tips.

NFL rules require caution from churches regarding this event.
Lay Counseling Within the Church

Lay Counseling Within the Church Member access only

Making your church a safe place for helping people.
Furnish It and They Will Come

Furnish It and They Will Come Member access only

How to create a kid-friendly environment in your church.
Build For Efficiency

Build For Efficiency Member access only

Keeping your dream facility from becoming an annual budget nightmare.
Four Good Questions for Churches about Cash Reserves

Four Good Questions for Churches about Cash Reserves Member access only

Keeping funds handy to deal with unexpected surprises.



Let ChurchSalary do the work. Get personalized compensation reports for staff and pastors.

Increase Giving at Church

Increase Giving at Church Member access only

Develop practical and digital strategies to cultivate a culture of giving.
Receipts for Donors

Receipts for Donors  Member access only

16 letters and forms for providing receipts to donors for different donations.