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October 2015

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The State of Child Abuse

The State of Child Abuse Subscriber access only

A closer look at recent statistics in child safety.
Tax Guide Reminder: November 2015

Tax Guide Reminder: November 2015

Don't forget this important tax date!
Church Volunteers and Copyright Ownership

Church Volunteers and Copyright Ownership Subscriber access only

A case illustrates what churches own—and don’t own.
4 Expense Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor

4 Expense Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor

These key calculations will help you measure the financial costs of doing ministry.
Using Social Media Safely

Using Social Media Safely Subscriber access only

Policies to keep your church staff and members safe when using social media.
Dealing with Dangerous People

Dealing with Dangerous People Subscriber access only

This resource goes through safety measures to ward off dangerous individuals from entering your church.