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April 2016

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Q&A: Can We Give an Honorarium to a Visiting Missionary?

Q&A: Can We Give an Honorarium to a Visiting Missionary? Subscriber access only

Why purpose, amounts, and the right visa make a world of difference.
How to Train Church Finance Department Workers

How to Train Church Finance Department Workers Subscriber access only

The methods and key elements needed for financial managers of ministries.
Churches and Political Involvement

Churches and Political Involvement Subscriber access only

Where church and state can meet for ministries.

Receive a customized salary report for up to 18 different ministry positions. Learn how your church should compensate based on size, budget, location, and employee work experience.

Understanding Wage and Hour Laws

Understanding Wage and Hour Laws Subscriber access only

Learn about the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it applies to churches.
Understanding Pastoral Liability

Understanding Pastoral Liability  Subscriber access only

Know the situations in which a pastor is personally liable for wrongdoing.