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6 Symptoms of Church Ministry Silos

And ways to help cure this type of disunity.

Most churches don’t want to admit that they have ministry silos. But admit it or not, the common natural drift of churches toward silos means that many currently have them. Ministry silos are multiple independent ministries operating under one roof.

How do you know if your church has ministry silos? If any of the following is true, your church most likely has them:

  • Each ministry has their own vision and values statements.
  • You frequently hear the words “my ministry,” "my budget," and "my volunteers" in meetings.
  • There is no coordinated calendar process.
  • There is no coordinated budgeting process.
  • No one is sharing best practices.
  • Each ministry has its own brand that looks like it's from a different organization instead of from the same church.

Use this list at your next team meeting to begin evaluating where your church is when it comes to ministry silos. ...

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