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For-Profit vs. Church Financial Management

The head of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability shares the differences to help people transition from the business world into a nonprofit ministry.

Dan Busby serves as president of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Busby recently spoke with Church Finance Today on best practices for financial professionals who transition from the for-profit business world into a church setting.

What unrealistic expectations do for-profit financial/business folks bring into the church setting?

The most unrealistic expectation might be that there isn’t much different from the for-profit world and the church world. That's a significantly improper view when coming from the for-profit world to the church world.
That kind of view might increase the time to properly transition from the one culture to the other.

What else might catch people off guard?

Often there’s a transition in staffing when coming out of the business world. Businesses of significant size, in my experience, are often adequately staffed, but the staffing in ...

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