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July 2016
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Creating a Successful Succession Plan

Creating a Successful Succession Plan Member access only

When planning for a ministry leader’s successor, the best time to start is now.
Renting Versus Buying Your Church’s Facility

Renting Versus Buying Your Church’s Facility Member access only

What churches should consider before making a costly or permanent decision.
Responding to Threats

Responding to Threats Member access only

How churches can be vigilant in their security and threat assessment efforts.

10 Commandments for Pastors, Politics, and Social Media Member access only

Before you post, read these reminders.

How to Use Slack in Your Church Member access only

An online tool helps improve church staff communication.

Churches and the Americans with Disabilities Act Member access only

How compliance helps churches welcome all people—including individuals with disabilities.
Digital Giving Options

Digital Giving Options Member access only

Given the choice, what electronic giving sources do churchgoers prefer?