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July 2016

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Creating a Successful Succession Plan

Creating a Successful Succession Plan Subscriber access only

When planning for a ministry leader’s successor, the best time to start is now.
Responding to Threats

Responding to Threats Subscriber access only

How churches can be vigilant in their security and threat assessment efforts.
The Top 5 Reasons Religious Organizations Went to Court in 2015

The Top 5 Reasons Religious Organizations Went to Court in 2015

Has your church addressed these common legal liabilities and risk management concerns?
Digital Giving Options

Digital Giving Options

Given the choice, what electronic giving sources do churchgoers prefer?

Receive a customized salary report for up to 18 different ministry positions. Learn how your church should compensate based on size, budget, location, and employee work experience.

20 Finance Questions Churches Ask

20 Finance Questions Churches Ask Subscriber access only

Richard Hammar shares his answers to 20 of the most widely asked and relevant tax and finance questions for church leaders.
Essential Guide to Church Budgeting

Essential Guide to Church Budgeting Subscriber access only

Good budgeting will help your church stay financially healthy.