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31 Free Articles in 31 Days
31 Free Articles in 31 Days
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Are you feeling the pressure of the increasingly complex legal landscape your church faces? Each month, laws and judicial decisions are made that affect the way you manage your ministry. We update ChurchLawAndTax.com with the latest expert analysis and insights on the legal, tax, finance, risk, and administrative issues affecting churches. Our website is designed to give you the tools you need to keep your church safe, legal, and financially sound.

But don't take our word for it. Find out for yourself with this amazing offering of 31 free articles during the month of May 2016.

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    Example: The article “Intern or Employee?” (below) will be unlocked by noon on its specified date of May 11. The article will then remain unlocked until the end of the month of May 2016.

By the end of month, we hope you'll agree that ChurchLawAndTax.com is a trusted, authoritative resource you can count on to understand everything from First Amendment rights and employment law to tax codes and risk management liabilities.

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The Articles

MAY 1 — Churches and Political Involvement

MAY 2 — Defending Youth Ministry from 8 Critical Risks

MAY 3 — How to Train Church Finance Department Workers

MAY 4 — Churches, Schools, and the Unvaccinated Movement

MAY 5 — Do We Know When to Hire an Attorney?

MAY 6 — Safeguard the Church Treasury

MAY 7 — Church Volunteers and Copyright Ownership

MAY 8 — Distinctions Between the Terms Pastor, Clergy, Minister

MAY 9 — Answering Church Leaders’ Common Questions about Background Checks

MAY 10 — Hiring a Professional Fundraiser

MAY 11 — Intern or Employee?

MAY 12 — 12 Lessons from Penn State's Abuse Scandal

MAY 13 — Who Owns the Church’s Accounting Records?

MAY 14 — Beware of Investment Scams

MAY 15 — Q&A: Can an Interim Minister Receive a Housing Allowance?

MAY 16 — How to Create an Effective Dashboard Report for Your Ministry

MAY 17 — The State of Child Abuse

MAY 18 — Out-of-the-Box Missions Funding

MAY 19 — Church Bulletin Basics

MAY 20 — How Long Should We Keep Consent Forms and Screening Records?

MAY 21 — Loaning Church Funds to Church Leaders

MAY 22 — How Not to Bring Relief after a Natural Disaster

MAY 23 — Checklist for New Board Members

MAY 24 — EEOC Issues Guidance on Background Checks

MAY 25 — Screening Children’s Workers

MAY 26 — Car Expenses: Standard Mileage or Actual?

MAY 27 — Monetary Gifts for Pastors Who Leave

MAY 28 — Common Church Finance Department Mistakes and How to Remedy Them

MAY 29 — Why Churches Need to Strive for Fair, Competitive Pay

MAY 30 — Does the Presence of a Third Party Negate Penitent Privilege?

MAY 31 — First Amendment Doesn’t Keep Court from Resolving Defamation Claims

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