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The Top 10 Church Law & Tax Articles of 2018
The Top 10 Church Law & Tax Articles of 2018
A look back at the most-read guidance from this year.
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In 2018, our readers viewed content relating to recent developments the most. Topping our list are pieces about the clergy housing allowance—its current legal status and what may happen to it—as well as other new tax developments, such as the “parking lot tax.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, other safety issues often in the news were popular for readers to seek guidance about, namely sexual harassment and gun violence.

As the year comes to an end, we’ve compiled the list of the top 10 most popular pieces on ChurchLawAndTax.com published in 2018, according to unique page views. We hope you find them as helpful as our other readers did.

  1. Facing a Future Without the Clergy Housing Allowance
    Chris Lutes and Ted Batson
    Ways churches can prepare should this tax benefit ever go away.
  2. Separating Fact from Fiction Regarding the ‘Parking Lot Tax’
    Elaine and Frank Sommerville
    Understanding the new tax reform’s effects on employer-provided parking.
  3. Ten Tax Developments Affecting Churches and Clergy in 2018
    Richard R. Hammar
    Housing allowance challenge, tax reform top this year’s list of unfolding changes.
  4. UPDATE: Oral Arguments Completed in Clergy Housing Allowance Challenge
    Matthew Branaugh
    Seventh Circuit’s three-judge panel should reach a decision by early next year.
  5. Integrating Tax Reform for 2018—and Beyond
    The Editors of Church Law & Tax
    Ten notable changes, and what they mean, for churches and their employees.
  6. What Does Sexual Harassment Look Like in the Church?
    Richard R. Hammar
    Defining this threat—and how church leaders must be on guard.
  7. Creating Sexual Harassment Policies for Church Workplaces
    Richard R. Hammar
    The growing numbers of allegations highlight the need for appropriate responses.
  8. Responding to Gun Violence Concerns at Churches
    Richard R. Hammar
    Church shootings remain rare, but policies and planning are still necessities.
  9. What Retired Ministers Should Know About Housing Allowances
    Richard R. Hammar
    Insights and regulations to keep in mind.
  10. Child Abuse Reporting Laws: 21 Facts Church Leaders Should Know
    Richard R. Hammar and Matthew Branaugh
    How state laws define who must report actual or suspected abuse, when a report must be made, and how.

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December 6, 2018

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