The Top 10 Church Law & Tax Articles of 2019
The Top 10 Church Law & Tax Articles of 2019
Here’s what interested church leaders the most this past year.
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As would be expected, articles on legal and tax developments affecting churches grabbed the attention of readers in 2019. Specifically, this year’s popular articles dealt with church audits by the IRS, Richard Hammar’s compiling of the top 10 tax changes, 11 provisions related to IRS reform, a new overtime rule, reimbursing employee health care costs, and a proposed revision to the W-4 form.

Also popular were pieces on who can sign church documents, facility use and tax-exempt status, and mastering end-of-year tasks.

The list is based on unique page views for articles published in 2019. Each article is highlighted below, starting with the tenth-most uniquely viewed post and building up to the first-most.

10. Mastering Fifteen End-of-Year Tasks
Use this to-do list to finish the year well and start 2020 right.
The Editors

9. Churches Can Once Again Reimburse Employee Health Care Costs
New rules maintain the same tax-favored status for employer contributions toward a traditional group health plan.
Richard R. Hammar

8. IRS Releases Proposed Revision for Form W-4 for 2020
New form should make accurate withholding easier for church employees.
Richard R. Hammar

7. Q&A: Can We Give Additional Income to a Church Employee Who Opts Out of Our Medical Plan?
Increasing an employee’s paycheck in lieu of participation may jeopardize your medical insurance plan for all participants.
Elaine Sommerville

6. A Closer Look at New Overtime Rules Taking Effect in 2020
What the Labor Department’s increased minimum salary threshold means for churches.
Richard R. Hammar

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Posted: December 16, 2019

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