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November 2019
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Are We Keeping It Confidential?

Are We Keeping It Confidential?

Nine question checklist to ensure financial and personal confidentiality.

Will Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Become Illegal?

High court’s decision could have implications for the hiring and firing practices of churches.

Q&A: Should Policies and Procedures Be Separate Documents? Member access only

A church business manager shares best practices learned through the process.
Churches Can Once Again Reimburse Employee Health Care Costs

Churches Can Once Again Reimburse Employee Health Care Costs Member access only

New rules maintain the same tax-favored status for employer contributions toward a traditional group health plan.
Mastering Seventeen End-of-Year Tasks

Mastering Seventeen End-of-Year Tasks

Use this to-do list to finish the year well and start 2021 right.