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Keeping Internal Controls In Check During a Pandemic

On-demand webinar: Vonna Laue share insights on how to adjust and keep your internal controls strong.

Church leaders must work vigilantly to prevent the embezzlement of church funds, and sound internal controls are an ongoing—and critical—part of that prevention.

With Covid-19, churches now approach worship services, donations, and administrative tasks differently. In light of those changes, what internal controls need to be reviewed or changed?

Church Law & Tax Vice President and Publisher Rob Toal is joined by CPA and Church Law & Tax Senior Editorial Advisor Vonna Laue to directly address this question for church leaders.


  • Purpose and objectives of Internal Controls
  • Control problems in the church
  • Fraud Triangle
  • Risk assessment
  • Internal control systems

Download the presentation slides here.

Additional answers to your questions

During this webinar, attendees submitted a number of questions. We weren’t able to answer all the questions during the event, and therefore we’re providing answers to you in this PDF. CPA Vonna Laue—along with our editors—gathered your unanswered questions and provided links to existing content that addresses the topic or answered your question directly.

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