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March 2021
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Getting Proactive About Illness Prevention in Our Churches

Getting Proactive About Illness Prevention in Our Churches Member access only

How the pandemic has shaped the way church leaders mitigate the spread of sicknesses—and what to expect going forward.
On-Demand Webinar

Avoiding Unexpected Surprises with Church Compensation

Asking and answering key questions about housing, love gifts, sabbatical plans, expense reimbursements, and other situations that churches face.

Pastor Guilty of Securities Fraud Member access only

Court sentenced pastor to nearly 25 years in prison for swindling his congregation, and others.
Q&A: Are Group Health Sharing Plan Costs Eligible for FSA Reimbursement?

Q&A: Are Group Health Sharing Plan Costs Eligible for FSA Reimbursement? Member access only

Current guidance suggests no—unless it is part of a fully developed and compliant self-insured health plan.

Learn More about Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Your Church

Church Law & Tax's Matthew Branaugh interviews attorney and advisor-at-large Theresa Sidebotham about her firm's Telios Teaches program.
North CarolinaNorth Carolina

Church Was Not Legally Responsible for a Man Injured on Its Property Member access only

The plaintiff “did not take reasonable care” when ascending an irregular stairway.

Sexting Contributed to Court’s Sentencing a Man to a 52-Year Prison Term Member access only

Decision carries implications for how youth leaders communicate with teens.
Getting Meetings Right
Recommended Reading

Getting Meetings Right

Online or in-person, understand what churches need to know to conduct legally sound meetings.

Pastor’s Conversation with the Defendant Allowed in Murder Case Member access only

The trial court did not abuse its discretion by letting the pastor testify.

Pastor Allowed to Testify at a Man’s Sexual Abuse Trial Member access only

Appeals court determined that the pastor acted in the role of a friend and the clergy-penitent privilege did not apply.
Key Tax Dates March 2021

Key Tax Dates March 2021

Monthly and semiweekly requirements for depositing payroll taxes.