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Child Abuse Reporting Laws for Louisiana

State and Statute: Louisiana, Children's Code Arts. 603 et seq.

What Is Reportable "Abuse": Physical, sexual, emotional or mental abuse, or neglect. [601]

Mandatory Reporters: Includes clergy members; public and private school teachers, principals, aides, staff members, bus drivers, and coaches; child care providers; licensed or unlicensed day care providers; “any individual who provides such services to a child in a voluntary or professional capacity”; organizational or youth activity providers, “including administrators, employees or volunteers of any day camp, summer camp, youth center . . . or any other organization that provides organized activities for children.” [603(17)(c)(d)(i)]

How and Where to Report: "A mandatory reporter shall make a report through the designated state child protection reporting hotline telephone number (1-855-452-5437), ...

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