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Tripping Points of Pastoral Compensation Member access only

CPA Elaine Sommerville shares 7 common mistakes churches make when planning and executing church compensation.

Rethinking Your Church's Budgeting Process for 2021 Member access only

CPA Michael Batts shares guidance on how church leaders can adjust their current budgeting processes to adapt to changes caused by the pandemic.

Why Churches Should Use Caution When Collaborating with Developers Member access only

Key questions—and steps—to avoid legal battles and other painful situations.

Reopening Your Church during the Pandemic—A Discussion of Church Management Issues Member access only

10 questions that church leaders face right now when it comes to reopening their buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Politics in the Church: What to Know for the 2020 Election Member access only

Attorney Richard R. Hammar helps church leaders understand the requirements and potential risks involved when participating in political activity.

Churches and Religious Freedoms Laws: A 50-State Survey Member access only

Orienting church leaders on the key federal and state laws and court decisions affecting religious exercise.

Will Our Church Get Sued for Reopening? Member access only

How church leaders should weigh the potential legal liabilities associated with public gatherings during the pandemic.

Do Your Church’s Governing Documents Allow Virtual Business Meetings? Member access only

Answering this crucial question can help legally validate decisions made during the coronavirus outbreak—and beyond.
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