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Getting Your Church Employment Questions Answered Member access only

Attorney and CPA Frank Sommerville addresses some of the most challenging and confusing issues churches face as employers.

On-Demand Webinar: Should My Church Consider a Merger Right Now? Member access only

The critical information church leaders should know if they are thinking about a merger.

Key Tax Developments Your Church Should Know About for 2021 Member access only

Attorney and CPA Richard Hammar identifies 10 key tax developments churches should know.

2021 Webinar Schedule Member access only

Register for the upcoming "Should My Church Consider a Merger Right Now" webinar.
10 Recent Tax Developments Affecting Churches and Clergy in 2021

10 Recent Tax Developments Affecting Churches and Clergy in 2021 Member access only

How new decisions, laws, and rules apply to tax-filing and record-keeping requirements.

Tripping Points of Pastoral Compensation Member access only

7 common mistakes churches make when planning and executing church compensation.

Rethinking Your Church's Budgeting Process for 2021 Member access only

Guidance on how church leaders can adjust their current budgeting processes to adapt to changes caused by the pandemic.

Why Churches Should Use Caution When Collaborating with Developers Member access only

Key questions—and steps—to avoid legal battles and other painful situations.

Reopening Your Church during the Pandemic—A Discussion of Church Management Issues Member access only

10 questions that church leaders face right now when it comes to reopening their buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic.