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Get Answers to Your Church's Most Pressing Employment Law Questions Member access only

Attorney and CPA Frank Sommerville addresses key questions--including yours--about churches as employers.

Meetings Matter: A Crash Course for Church Leaders Member access only

Quick tips and insights for effectively running anything from a board meeting to a congregational meeting.

Retirement Planning for Pastors and Staff Member access only

Setting successful strategies as your church's workforce ages.

Learning From Mars Hill: Who Pilots Your Church? Member access only

Why quiet governance changes run the risk of eroding congregational trust.

12 Key Tax Developments for Churches and Pastors Member access only

Getting ahead for 2021 tax-filing season and 2022 compliance.
2022 Webinar Schedule

2022 Webinar Schedule Member access only

EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR | Join Attorney and CPA Frank Sommerville for a Q&A to Address Your Church's FLSA, Title VII, and Employment Issues.
10 Key Tax Developments Affecting Churches and Pastors in 2022

10 Key Tax Developments Affecting Churches and Pastors in 2022 Member access only

What you need to understand for 2021 filing and 2022 compliance.

Getting 2021 Year-End Tasks Right Member access only

CPA and attorney Richard Hammar lists eleven critical tasks to focus on as 2021 draws to a close.

Getting Your Church Employment Questions Answered Member access only

Addressing some of the most challenging and confusing issues churches face as employers.

On-Demand Webinar: Should My Church Consider a Merger Right Now? Member access only

The critical information church leaders should know if they are thinking about a merger.