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2023 Webinar Schedule

ADVANTAGE MEMBER ONLY WEBINAR | Ten developments church leaders should know for filing taxes this year—and for meeting tasks and requirements throughout the year ahead.

2023 Webinar Schedule

Editor’s note. Only Advantage Members have access to this schedule. Learn more on how to become an Advantage Member or upgrade your membership.

Among the many benefits of your Church Law & Tax Advantage Membership is access to exclusive webinars.

During last year’s series, we hosted a handful of webinars exclusively for Advantage Members. For instance, attorney Sarah E. Merkle offered insights on how to run an effective church business meeting. In addition, attorney and CPA Frank Sommerville drew on his more than 30 years of legal and accounting experience to answer members’ employment law questions. You can watch these past webinars and others on demand.

This year, we plan to continue covering current events and topics that will help you lead your church and its various ministries with confidence.

Details and registration links to upcoming Advantage Member and free webinars will be added to this schedule throughout the year. Bookmark this page to stay updated when a new webinar is announced. You can also catch up on webinars you might’ve missed from this series here.


We are currently making plans for our next webinar. In the meantime, we encourage you to catch up on our most recent webinar below. Also, be sure to check out any webinars you might have missed from this series. They are available to watch on-demand.

In this exclusive webinar recording for Advantage Members only, CPA and Attorney Richard R. Hammar will cover the most important developments that churches and church leaders need to know for 2022 tax filings and subsequent compliance requirements.

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