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Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas

Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas

Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas

Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas is an attorney, risk manager, strategic planning consultant, and crisis management professional with over ten years of experience. Her experience includes civil and criminal litigation, real estate law, handling crises, managing risk, and developing risk intelligence plans and strategies for churches, nonprofits, and small businesses. She helps these organizations manage their finances, staff, volunteers, and activities while optimizing organizational, financial, and operational performance.

Her professional mission is to assist churches, religious organizations, and nonprofits to help them operate at optimal efficiency and properly exercise stewardship over the assets in their purview.

For six years, Kalonzo-Douglas served as a criminal and civil defense attorney with one of the top defense firms in New York City while also serving as corporate counsel to her local church, Bethel Gospel Assembly, Inc. It was while performing the work for the church that Kalonzo-Douglas discovered her calling in the form of the perfect marrying of her faith and ministry works with her professional career. In 2008, she heeded the call to start a risk management company and launched The Kalonzo-Douglas Group (“The KDG”).

Kalonzo-Douglas now resides in the Atlanta, Georgia, area but remains the Corporate Counsel for Bethel Gospel Assembly.

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