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Senior Editorial Advisor

Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas

Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas

Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas

Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas is an attorney with 15 years of experience in corporate and in-house legal counsel and consulting services, with an emphasis on reducing legal, ethical, operational, and financial risks for organizations. She currently serves as general counsel to Bethel Gospel Assembly Inc., an international religious corporation, and its business units, including a real estate holding company, a community development corporation, and a housing development fund corporation.

Gisele has diverse experience in corporate governance, risk management and compliance, real estate, government procurement, employment law, commercial transactions, litigation management and dispute resolution. Her professional mission is to assist churches, religious organizations, nonprofits, and businesses to help them operate at optimal efficiency and properly exercise stewardship over the assets in their purview.

Gisele became an Editorial Advisor for Church Law & Tax in 2016, and a Senior Editorial Advisor in 2020.

Kalonzo-Douglas now resides in the Atlanta, Georgia, area but remains the Corporate Counsel for Bethel Gospel Assembly

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