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Planning for Special Events

Planning for Special Events

When a church departs from its regular programming, extra care—and good insurance coverage—are required.

How Well Do We Screen and Train Children's Workers?

How Well Do We Screen and Train Children's Workers?

Assessment: Use this quiz to identify gaps in your process.


Form 8822-B

Church Law & Tax Report

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Funding Foreign Activities Subscriber access only

Seven legal areas that trip up churches—and how to navigate them.
One Minute Summary, March/April 2014

Church Finance Today

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Sorting Out the Form 8822-B for Churches Subscriber access only

What this new IRS requirement means for congregations nationwide.

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Richard R. Hammar

Richard R. Hammar

Richard R. Hammar is an attorney, CPA and author specializing in legal and tax issues for churches and clergy.

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Safe and Legal Fundraising

Safe and Legal Fundraising

Learn the liabilities of fundraising activities and how to protect your church.
Immigration Law and the Church

Immigration Law and the Church

Welcoming undocumented immigrants into church and recruiting them to work or volunteer.