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Gain clarity and get trusted analysis on the most recent cases, court rulings, and relevant issues for churches and clergy.

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Responding to Anonymous Allegations

Responding to Anonymous Allegations Subscriber access only

An unknown party seriously accuses a church leader. What should be done?
How the New Overtime Rules Will Affect Churches

How the New Overtime Rules Will Affect Churches Subscriber access only

The updated regulations must be applied by December 1.
Law Topics
  • Board & Governance
    Administration, denominations, boards, polity, mandatory policies
  • Clergy
    Key rights and potential liabilities for ordained religious leaders; counseling, penitent privilege
  • Employment
    Hiring, termination, compensation and benefit law, discrimination, privacy, minimum wage, overtime, payday laws, workers’ compensation, worker classification
  • Property
    Zoning, building codes, ownership, copyright, intellectual property
  • Religious Freedom
    First Amendment
Whose Church Is It?

Whose Church Is It?

Is church property owned by the local church or general church?
Making Your Church Accessible

Making Your Church Accessible

Practical ways to help make your church accessible to all