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Q&A: Lessons in Protection and Prevention from the Anti-Defamation League

Q&A: Lessons in Protection and Prevention from the Anti-Defamation League Subscriber access only

A conversation with ADL associate director Elise Jarvis about how houses of worship can guard against hate crimes.
Tips for Congregations Threatened by Wildfires

Tips for Congregations Threatened by Wildfires Subscriber access only

Three things your church should do right now.
Responding to Threats

Responding to Threats

How churches can be vigilant in their security and threat assessment efforts.
Churches and Cybersecurity Risks

Churches and Cybersecurity Risks Subscriber access only

What churches can do to protect against hackers and security breaches.
Church Volunteers and Copyright Ownership

Church Volunteers and Copyright Ownership Subscriber access only

A case illustrates what churches own—and don’t own.
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Protecting Electronic Data

Protecting Electronic Data

Protect your data from hackers, malicious software, and possible liabilities.
Making Your Church Accessible

Making Your Church Accessible

Practical ways to help make your church accessible to all
Starting a Food Pantry

Starting a Food Pantry

Establishing a food pantry might be an effective way to make a difference.
Protecting the Elderly

Protecting the Elderly

Tips on making your church a safe and welcoming environment for older adults