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Maintaining Balance with Church Management Work
Don't let details distract from daily discipleship.
Churches Weather Copper Thieves, Insurance Concerns
One insurer says it may limit payouts on costly thefts.
Better Minds, Better Church Office Management?
Julie Bell believes mind management improves teamwork—and discipleship.
Survey Says, Millennials Do Give—and Not Just Online
It’s more than just technology-driven factors
Should the Jobless Tithe on Their Unemployment Benefits?
Three Christian leaders weigh in on a difficult giving question.
Report: More Older Americans Prefer Giving Online
Why churches should note this potentially turning tide.
New Report: Households Spent $368 on Gas Last Month
The ramifications of higher gas prices for churches.
Church Bus Driver Arrested on Sex Abuse Charge
A reminder of what leaders can do to help prevent headlines like these.
Missouri Woman Admits to $140,000 Church Theft
Practices church leaders can use to protect funds.
A Pastor's Thoughts on Knowing What People Give
Facts and assumptions about a good--but complex--question
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Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches

Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches Subscriber access only

Richard Hammar explains how to avoid copyright infringement.
Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws Subscriber access only

Did you know pastors and other church staff may be required by law to report child abuse and that laws on this vary state by state?