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October 2012

The 10 Commandments of Church Management
Apply these principles to stay legal and keep your witness intact.
The No-Stress Audit
Two steps to help ease worry if your tax return is selected for examination.
Getting Pushy on the Online Playground
What church leaders need to know about a concerning new trend among youth.
When a Sex Offender Wants to Attend Church
These steps can help ensure a smooth integration.
Can’t Pay Your Taxes?
Two options exist for ministers who can't pay.
Is It Time to Build?
Questions to ask when your church is considering a new building.
Preventing Payroll Mistakes
10 steps for overcoming the most common challenges churches face.
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Politics and the Church

Politics and the Church Member access only

Tax and legal guidelines faith-based organizations need to know before jumping into the political fray.
Church IT

Church IT Member access only

Learn how to find the best solutions when choosing software and hardware for your church.