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Q&A: Should the Church's Payroll Include Youth Providing Childcare?
A common practice may trigger unexpected paperwork.
Opinions Vary on Knowing What People Give
Six voices offer a wide range of perspectives on a difficult question.
Responding to Storm-Related Disasters
Oklahoma twisters illustrate the need for churches to be ready.
The Ways People Give at Church
In which areas of the church budget do people give the most?
State of the Plate: Church Financial Reserves
How much money does your church keep in reserves?
Church Giving: Up, Down, or Flat?
More than 2,000 church leaders weigh in on church income, tithing practices.
The "Shape" of Your Fundraising Requests Matters
Subtle cues can go a long way toward winning the hearts of givers.
Q&A: Are Proceeds From the Church Community Center Taxable?
A prime outreach opportunity raises financial, tax considerations.
How Much is a Volunteer's Time Worth?
How churches might use this nonprofit-sector calculation.
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20 Finance Questions Churches Ask

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