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3 Tips for an Effective Communication Strategy
Start making a plan today.
Hey, Fletch: How Does the New Tax Law Affect Moving Expenses?
What the changed rules mean for churches.
The 2018 Guide to Church Management Software Programs and Features
Choose the software that best fits your needs.
What’s the Status of the Clergy Housing Allowance?
Updates on court timelines, the appeal, and more.
When Expenses Are Higher than Your Budget
Does your policy have the answer on what to do?
Hey, Fletch: Why Does Our Church Need an Executive Pastor?
Tips for convincing leadership that the executive pastor role is a necessary one.
Thom Rainer Made ‘Peanuts’ as a Pastor 30 Years Ago. Today, Many in Ministry Make Even Less.
What one leader’s story can tell us about compensation culture in the church.
3 Areas to Consider in Evaluating Your Church’s Emergency Preparedness
Make sure you have plans in place for various categories of emergencies.
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Pastor, Church & Law, Fifth Edition

Pastor, Church & Law, Fifth Edition Member access only

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FREE: 70 Insights to Keep Your Church Safe, Legal, and Financially Sound

FREE: 70 Insights to Keep Your Church Safe, Legal, and Financially Sound Member access only

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