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October 2018

    What’s Next in the Clergy Housing Allowance Challenge
    Oral arguments next week move this controversial case closer to resolution.
      How to Turn Salary Data into a Real Compensation Package
      Join us for our October 24 webinar to learn how to go from objective data to subjective context.
        Hey, Fletch: Is Our Church Website Violating Copyright Law?
        Streaming music and other activities raise several legal issues.
        5 Numbers to Watch this Fall
          Cybersecurity Month: Smart Devices in the Home and Office
          How some easy steps can prevent your most common devices from becoming a threat.
          Are You Texting Employees on the Road?
          Your church may be liable if an accident happens.
          Hey, Fletch: Would We Save Money by Outsourcing Our Church’s Cleaning?
          The cost may seem high, but the in-house expenses may surprise you.
          The Outsourcing Option
          Why your church might want to let an outside pro handle the books.
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          Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws

          Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Laws Subscriber access only

          Did you know pastors and other church staff may be required by law to report child abuse and that laws on this vary state by state?
          Juvenile Offenders in the Church

          Juvenile Offenders in the Church Subscriber access only

          How to protect children from juveniles who sexually abuse other children.